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  • About Croatia

    Croatia is the last eastern member of the EU, a true and unique area of diversity, a theatre where different cultures have met and intertwined. It doesn't lack in geographical diversity either: its strangely shaped territory includes two large landmasses connected by a rather small area only 30 miles wide. This area encompasses three main landforms: a rather complex coastal area, the mountain chain of Dinaric Alps overlooking the coastline and separating the final landform from the coastline – the Pannonian continental interior.

    The country features impressive monuments to history and nature, reflecting thousands of years of human existence and depicting rare beauties due to its singular geological circumstances. It's a rather small country with numerous World Heritage sites and customs. Consisting of four main regions, Croatia is a pretty shell, with Slavonia, Croatia Proper, Istria and its most precious uncut jewel – the region of Dalmatia.

  • About Dalmatia

    The region of Dalmatia encompasses central and southern coastal area of Croatia along with its hinterland and many islands. It has been the heart of the Mediterranean part of Croatia from the ancient Greek times until today.

    Dalmatia is an experience, a way of life, an intense abundance in every sense. She is the sound of a seagull, the fishhook thrown into the sea, the call of swallows with church bells pounding in the distance, grannies grumbling and friends singing acapella out of the blue. She is the sweat and the shattering of rocks, windswept islands in the southern weather, the smell of the tavern and the stern look in our father’s eye. A blinding fullness of green and blue, the sound of a million crickets. That`s Dalmatia.

  • About Zagreb

    The city of Zagreb, capital of Croatia can be described as a city with the biggest lounge. The moment the sun appears in the sky in spring, restaurant, café and coffeehouse terraces open for custom.

    A combination of Mediterranean cordiality and northern business sense make any visitor feel welcome.

  • About Dubrovnik

    Feel Dubrovnik’s true essence along a pleasant walk through the scenic mysteries of this city’s Historical Centre, branded as a World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1979.

    Experience a journey into Dubrovnik’s true heart and founding place, the Historic Centre. Let your eyes enjoy this immense sightseeing spot, from where you can view a variety of landmarks, and hear the history and legends that marked and transformed this beautiful place.

  • About Split

    The story of Split is already 17 centuries old, dating to the time the Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build his Palace right on the peninsula near the great Roman city Salona, where he wanted to spend the last years of his life.

    During these 1700 years the Palace slowly turned into a city, which to this day lures with its rich tradition, glorious history and beauty of its natural and cultural heritage.

About SplIT B2B

Through FAM trip, discover the opportunities Croatia offers and meet with local specialists at the heart of the UNESCO-protected Roman palace.

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8th - 14th March 2021

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Special Interest Tourism - SplIT b2b

With Croatia as an emerging market, CEO´s of local travel companies recognized the need for organizing such an event in Croatia with 3 workshops in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split. Organized by travel professionals for travel professionals, we have gathered all our experiences of attending similar events to provide a truly pleasant and informative conference to meet your business needs.
Experience the rich heritage of Croatia first-hand. Gather ideas for your products and be safe knowing that people you meet will provide services of the highest quality to your clients.
Meet only those experts you wish to meet during 3 workshops in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split, browse the profiles of potential sellers and decide before hand who suits your needs.
Meet with the best local specialists with years of experience who guarantee the highest standards of service delivery.


Official organizer of the conference – Association of Destination Management Companies of Dalmatia
Technical organizer – Omnivia tourist agency

Get ready and save the date! The official launch of the event will be in a few months. We are currently finalizing the event details, but you can already sign up for the updates and be among the first ones to get all the event information!

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A group of DMC professionals with years of experience in travel industry have joined their minds together in order to bring our destination closer to travel professionals from around the world.

Our team of experts specializes in various forms of tourism and is conscious of the importance of growth of the sustainable tourism industry that supports the local community, infrastructure and tourism-related local entrepreneurship.

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8th - 14th March 2021